All You Need To Know About Insurance Breast Pump for New Mothers

As a parent, there is nothing more satisfying than to see your new bundle of joy grow to be well-nourished, healthy and active. Breastfeeding is crucial for babies as it provides them with vitality and strong immune system to help them fight against illnesses. Nonetheless, there are numerous occasions where it can be quite difficult for the mother to breastfeed the baby in a conventional way. Mothers are, therefore, forced to use breast pumps to ensure that their child is left with a daily dose of milk whenever they are not close to them. Unlike before when breast pumps are quite expensive, a new mother nowadays can now avail of an insurance breast pump, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

insurance breast pump

How Does Insurance Cover Breast Pumps?

Are breast pumps covered by insurance? Yes. Since it came into effect on August 1, 2012, Affordable Care Act or popularly known as Obamacare passed a law that most private insurers are required to cover breast pumps and lactation counseling. This law aims at reducing any hindrances to breastfeeding. Therefore, depending on the insurance coverage you have, you can now rent a breast pump for free, or your insurance company can cover the cost of the purchase.

Even though the Affordable Care Act is straight forward, it can still be tough to enjoy an insurance breast pumpthat you can use for breastfeeding. However, there are ways on how you can avail and enjoy this benefit.

How to Get Your Breast Pump Covered by Your Insurance Company

1.   Ensure Your Plan is Governed by the Obamacare Law

The first step is to make sure that the Affordable Care Act covers your insurance plan. If you bought your insurance policy before the Act was signed (March 23, 2010) then you might not qualify for an insurance breast pump. Therefore, you should get in contact with you insurance company customer care to know if you’re qualified.

2.   Get a Prescription from a Medical Practitioner

There are various instances where the insurance company may ask for a prescription from a health provider before covering a breast pump purchase or rental. In most cases, you will just be required to give out you doctor’s or midwife’s name and phone number.

3.   Choose a Pump Included in the Cover

Different insurance companies feature specific products from partnered companies and will, therefore, require you to select pumps that are covered by your benefit. Find out from your insurer what type of breast pumps they cover and whether it is possible to get a pump from a specified brand.

In conclusion, through the Affordable Care Act, mothers can now easily acquire hospital grade breast pump rental for their babies to ensure they breastfeed accordingly. This new benefit will now see them save $300 to $400 that they would otherwise pay from their pockets. The first thing you should do is call your insurance company and find out what breastfeeding benefits you enjoy under the insurance coverage.

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