Taking Safety Measures: Keys to Effective Body Weight Training

Weight training is one of the many exercise regimens that can keep you healthy and fit. Specifically, it is done to make your bones and muscles strong, decrease your risk of having osteoporosis, and help you lose those extra fats. That is why, like many other people around the world, Melbournians go for this type of workout. Be that as it may, body weight training Melbourne has is still risky if you just jump into it with reckless abandon. Make no mistake, ignoring safety while at it could get you injured or suffering from other forms of physical problems.


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Now, to be safe, keep injuries at bay, and get the most out of your time at the gym, here is what you should do:

  • Never start without doing some stretching and warm-up.

As a rule, you should not start every Melbourne body weight training session without doing some warm-up and stretching. As you can see, this is recommended by trainers to ensure you will not cramp out or, worse, tear your muscles during your workouts.

When warming up, also make sure to start slow. For example, you can start walking on a treadmill, proceed to jogging, and then speed up until you begin to sweat. As for the stretching exercises, you can do some joint rotations, neck bends, shoulder circles, arm swings, side bends, hip twists, lunges, leg swings, and other routines that are required by your trainer.

  • Take note of the safety precautions from your trainer.

Depending on your workout programme, you will be given by your trainer some safety measures that you should follow during each session. These can vary from using certain devices to having a spotter to support you every time you lift something. For example, you would be told to use clips on the bars for better control and even distribution of the weights. As for having a spotter, it is necessary when you are using free weights.

  • Observe proper breathing.

Like in other forms of exercise, proper breathing is also important in any body weight training Melbourne has. As pointed out, the failure to perform the proper breathing technique, like holding your breath too long, can cause hyperventilation, light-headedness, dizziness, and even fainting. So, even if it slows you down, make sure to breathe properly. Basically, you should exhale while lifting and inhale while lowering the weight. In a way, this will maintain good oxygen levels while exercising.

  • Refrain from bending or twisting your back while lifting.

Back injuries are usually caused by improper form while lifting. Most of those who suffered these injuries lifted weights with their back bent or twisted. With that in mind, you should always maintain the right posture all throughout your sessions. While advanced classes would involve twisting motions supported by trainers, it is best to avoid them especially when you are just starting out.

  • Do not overstress your muscles.

While one of the main goals of body weight training in Melbourne is to work your muscles harder than normal to improve strength, it is still best not to overdo it. Your muscles’ capabilities also have limitations, and stressing them too often can lead to serious pain and even injuries. Remember—your risk of getting injured will increase when you already have overstressed or over-fatigued muscles.

You should not let injuries prevent you from continuing to get fit at the gym. By keeping in mind the safety measures mentioned above, you can stay away from the unfavourable circumstances that can happen while working out.

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